FreeStreams for Publishers

FreeStreams provides several products and services to Publishers that increase revenue and eliminate expense.

Fullview Video Player

Publishers use our Fullview Video Player to easily integrate revenue generating video into their websites. Using the Fullview Video Player is the easiest way to start generating meaningful, predictable, monthly recurring revenue from video advertising. The more video views you generate, the more revenue you accumulate. Your earnings are shown daily in our online reports.

For Publishers with established video operations, we can improve your revenue generation as well. Our Fullview Video Player functions as a video ad server and automatically increases fill rates, aggregate CPMs, and available inventory. We honed our Fullview Video Player technology over the past two years by monetizing over 100 million hours of premium content consumption.

FreeStreams for Publishers



Free, High Quality Content

Do you need a reliable supply of free, high-quality, licensed content to offer to your website and applications users in order to improve your time-on-site and monetization? If so, we can help.

FreeStreams works with content owners to host and monetize their content. These content owners use the FreeStreams Platform to gain additional distribution and revenue for their content.



Video & Display Ad Revenue

All of the video content using the FreeStreams Platform is automatically monetized. Our registered Publishers receive video and display revenue every time a user plays content using our Fullview Video Player.

You can register to become a FreeStreams Publisher here.




Our advertising comes from various ad networks and from direct sales by our in-house sales team. Advertisements are typically from national brands and local service providers. We have numerous Christian and family-oriented Broadcasters and Publishers so we maintain a family-friendly advertiser pool. To avoid sales channel conflicts, we will not sell inventory on individual Broadcaster or Publisher properties.

FreeStreams for Content Owners



Technology Integration

It is easy to integrate content using the FreeStreams Fullview Video Player and content using the FreeStreams Platform on your website. You can use our RSS feeds to automatically update the content on your site as that content is renewed each day on the FreeStreams platform. We make thumbnail images and text descriptions available for every piece of content.

Bloggers, Make Money with Video

Have you been trying to figure out how to make more money on your website or blog? Have you looked into adding video to your website or blog but it seems too complicated and expensive to get started?

FreeStreams for Publishers



Let’s face it. You’re a blogger and you create great content for your hard-earned audience. You don’t want to have to figure out how all the technology works and then how you get paid each month.

Great News!

We have done all the heavy lifting for you.
It’s as simple as:

Wait. You Don’t Have Any Video Content?

No problem. We have a solution for you. You can choose from some of our video channels or build your own with our playlist feature. The Fullview Player™ will play video from any third party video company like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and it will deliver you the advertising revenue. For more Information call 646-688-3100 ext 701, 8am to 8pm, Mon thru Fri, Eastern Standard Time or email: