Partner with FreeStreams

Partner with FreeStreams

Device Manufacturers

FreeStreams works with device manufacturers and automotive companies to provide stations and software integration to enhance their products.

Working with FreeStreams to source stations for your device or entertainment system or guide has unique advantages over working with aggregators. First, FreeStreams has direct contractual relationships with all of its broadcasters. These agreements allow FreeStreams to include their stations in guides and devices. Additionally, FreeStreams can provide revenue generation for such deployments. Also, FreeStreams has stations in just about every country in the world.


Partner Advantages:



Content Guides

Do you operate a content guide or application that needs reliable access to the highest quality streams? If so, we can help. We work with guide companies to provide access to some of the highest quality, most popular stations in the world. We can provide revenue generating capability as well. For more information, please contact us here: .

Mobile Service Providers

FreeStreams works with mobile operators to provide value-added access to properly licensed radio and television content in various countries. We can provide immediate revenue generation as well. For more information, please contact us here:


Do you have an idea of how we can work together that will provide value for broadcasters, users or advertisers? Please contact us here and let us know about your idea: .