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The FreeStreams Platform

Broadcasters around the world use the FreeStreams Platform to eliminate their costs and maximize their streaming revenues.

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What services are included for FREE in the FreeStreams platform?

How much will our station make when we switch to FreeStreams?

The price we pay for inventory is determined daily by the open market. Our daily price is shown in your online reports.

This sounds "too good to be true", what's the catch?

We provide for free the same services that other companies would charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per month per station to provide. Many broadcasters have told us our business model is "too good to be true", and they want to know "what's the catch".

There is no catch. We generate revenue from the advertising inventory we retain and from the advertising impressions we buy from our broadcasters and publishers. The bigger our network grows, the better our business gets. Our ad network is now big enough that there is absolutely no reason to ever charge anybody for streaming again. While this makes sales people from webhosting and streaming companies really unhappy, it is a huge win for broadcasters.

We have the most efficient, cost-effective operations and network in the business. We keep things lean and efficient and pass the savings onto our broadcasters. By keeping our operating expenses a fraction of what others pay, we can provide the highest quality services available, and do so without having to charge monthly fees.

What if we have a long term contract with another company, can we still use FreeStreams?

That's ok with us. Lots of stations do.

Do you have qualified broadcaster support people?

Yes. They each have five or more years of experience in Internet radio with long radio careers before that. Our team is located in the United States and is available on a regular basis from 9am EST to 5 pm PST, and on an emergency basis the rest of the time.

When do you pay?

We pay broadcasters within 60 days of the close of the month in which the advertising ran.

What if I have more questions, is there somebody I can talk to on the phone?

Yes. Please call us six four six-688-3100, ext 700.

Does FreeStreams provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Service Level Agreements are used by data centers and bandwidth providers to provide paying customers with a mechanism for rebates/refunds of their monthly fees when their service becomes unavailable. FreeStreams does not provide SLAs mainly because we don't charge fees, so there would be nothing to rebate/refund. That said, the reliability of our network and services is very important to us because, like you, we don't make money if we are down.


Never sign long term agreements for streaming or related services.

Is your streaming provider requiring you to sign a contract that has a term that is longer than month-to-month? Why should you? Long term agreements are used to trap customers into using inferior services. If the services are good, why would you leave? There is no reason for a long term contract, except if you provide inferior products, bad service, or both. Our philosophy is that if our services are good, and our rates are fair, you will stick with us, if not, we deserve to lose you as a customer.

Never pay set-up fees.

If somebody wants to charge you set-up fees, find out why their product is so poorly designed or so hard to use that it requires paying somebody to teach you how to use it. We have heard stories of our customers being charged for every email sent in order to get those services working properly. FreeStreams™ does not charge set-up or service fees, so you don't have to flush your money down the toilet.

Never trade terrestrial inventory to get streaming services.

Some companies may offer to provide you with streaming services "for free" if you give them a few minutes per day of your prime terrestrial inventory. That's not free, that's barter, and that inventory is your bread and butter. It is also a pain to schedule, account and settle that inventory. Trading for terrestrial inventory means that everyday, one of your staff will need to schedule spots and at the end of the month, your accountants or bookkeepers will have to spend countless hours to reconcile those spots. Are you sure that's a good trade?

Never pay for ad insertion.

Why? Building and maintaining ad insertion software is NOT magic. It's software. Once the software is built, assuming it is built properly, it works with very little additional work. So why should you pay 33% or more of an ad buy just for the ability to place an ad? That's crazy.